Vision Care for Homeless People, the charity that serves the visual needs of Britain’s growing homeless population, is celebrating the fact that more optometrists and dispensing opticians from Boots Opticians and D&A branches are volunteering to provide eye care.  Together the volunteers provided more than 500 hours of professional care in 2008 and the figure is likely to be greater this year.

Likening the charity to “Vision Aid Overseas here at home”, Rob Hogan, from Professional Services, Boots Opticians, said:
“I became aware of the charity several years ago and the fact that both Boots and D&A independently decided to support its work prior to the merger demonstrates the like-mindedness of the optical businesses.”

Boots Opticians Chairman, Pradip Patel added:
“We take a lot for granted in life, including our eyesight. We don’t realise how important it is, until something goes wrong, and when it does go wrong, it has a real impact on the quality of our life.

“People who are homeless have a lot more to contend with, and if their eyesight is failing this can cause even more problems for them. This is why we are so keen that our teams help and support the charity.”

Demand for Vision Care for Homeless care is increasing and more qualified staff are sought.  If you would like to volunteer please contact the charity on 020 7017 2026 or email  us

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