Crisis boosted by festive eyecare support

The Crisis at Christmas appeal saw more people than ever attending the dedicated Vision Care for Homeless People clinics which operated throughout the festive season, providing 300-plus pairs of glasses for the dispossessed.

The charity was well supported with equipment from Keeler, a Cirrus HD OCT loaned from Zeiss, mobile kits from The Outside Clinic, glazing by Essilor, ready readers from Dibble Optical and a donation for £1,500 in lieu of Christmas cards from The Birmingham Optical Group.

Scarborough-based ophthalmologist, Mr Jan Van Der Hoek was on hand for three days at the London-based clinics to follow-up immediately on any findings which the optometrists thought needed further investigation.

“The level of support that we received this year has been tremendous – to be able to put the OCT into practice was beyond our expectations and we picked up some interesting pathology. We had a few referrals straight to Moorfields and the Western Eye Hospital including an ocular hypertensive and a retinal tear. It was very worthwhile and really raised awareness of having regular/ routine eye tests among the guests. The OCT really helped this diagnosis of drusen and retinal changes and again increased awareness of having regular checks,” said clinic co-ordinator Shaneela Chana.

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