Crisis centres dispenses more than ever

The Vision Care for Homeless People team, working in conjunction with Crisis at Christmas, had a busy festive season with some 312 people having their eyes examined at the various clinics throughout the capital.

York-based Consultant ophthalmologist Jan van der Hoek, who each year comes to London with his wife to volunteer at the clinics, said 32 people had been referred to Moorfields or the Western Eye Hospital for further investigation and treatment of chronic conditions presenting, but one patient needed immediate attention –

“One chap came in with a retinal tear and a bleed to the eye. He needed laser treatment which we organised and he was treated immediately. He was able to stay at the Crisis centre for the week, so that he could recover. There were also some glaucoma patients, some of whom had already lost some of their vision so they should now be in the system for treatment,” said Jan.

Ready readers were the answer for 75 patients but another 241 are now having specs produced to their prescription by Essilor. Powers ranged from a shocking -12.00D to +10.25D.

The worthy team of volunteer optometrists and dispensing opticians were only able to complete their rewarding work due to the generosity of the Outside Clinic which had loaned domiciliary kits to the charity. Grateful thanks also go to Essilor which provided not just the lenses but also free glazing for this very worthwhile initiative –

Picture shows left to right: Ophthalmologist Varo Kirthi, optometrist Meera Nagii, City University Optometry student Aaron Uraon, Chair of VCHP and Moorfields optometrist Elaine Styles, and Bana Amin the Crisis at Christmas opticians service organiser.

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