Crisis service reaches out to vulnerable in the capital

Vision Care for Homeless People reached 268 vulnerable people during seven days of eye clinics held in conjunction with Crisis during the festive period, from an all-time record of 10 London centres.

Shaneela Chana, Trustee of Vision Care for Homeless People, said the dedicated support provided by the team of 45 volunteers which included an ophthalmologist, optometrists, and dispensing opticians, had made a tremendous difference to many vulnerable people during the clinics –

“We made a number of referrals for further treatment and were relieved to help one patient with a prescription of -19.00D who had been wearing the same contact lenses for three months. She was too afraid to take them out because she felt so vulnerable on the streets. As our opticians service was located with all of the other Crisis healthcare teams, such as medical and podiatry, we were able to contribute to a better all-round level of care for patients.”

To hear more about the Crisis service watch this short film Click here

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