Dibble Optical equips homeless charity

Ready Readers from Dibble Optical have provided a boost to Vision Care for Homeless People, with the charity needing this kind of vision correct more than anything else.

The bumper 2,000 piece donation means that the volunteer qualified optometrists and dispensing opticians are now able to provide instant support for many of the visitors who come along to the centres each week in London, Birmingham and most recently, to Brighton.

Elaine Styles, Chair of the charity, expressed her appreciation –

“The Dibble Optical donation is wonderfully generous and has filled the store cupboard so that we know this aspect of dispensing it taken care of for at least the next eighteen months. About a quarter of the people we see require a simple reading correction and being able to give them this immediately after the test is fantastic. We really needed more male styles as most of our patients are men, and this is what has been donated. It frees up our thoughts for looking to open the next regional centre which will be happening later this year.”

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