eyedoo donates to VCHP

The launch of ‘eyedoo’, the on-line high quality, yet affordable, prescription specs business, announced that 5% of every purchase is being donated to Vision Care for Homeless People.

eyedoo’s pop-up store at Marylebone Station introduced the exciting range of eyewear to commuters as a specially commissioned ‘glasses’ dress, designed by Sunderland fashion students, was modelled.

Bob Forgan, the founder of eyedoo, explained –

“The optical industry has seen many changes since I entered it back in 1974, and the internet is a very important part of its future.”

“Online might not be the destination of choice for first pairs of specs, but it offers an affordable and convenient solution for the purchase of spare or special occasion eyewear, with different looks for different moods or outfits becoming a realistic option. I am delighted that I can do something to help this essential and worthy cause.”

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