The FMO has adopted Vision Care for Homeless People as an official charity and is delighted that many of its members are already supporting the benevolent work in London and Birmingham.

“Many FMO members are already supporting the charity with testing equipment, lenses, frames and glazing and we are encouraging more to become actively involved,” said Malcolm Polley FMO Chief Executive.

Vision Care for Homeless People provides eye care for those who are marginalised by society and who do not feel comfortable about visiting a High Street practice – often because they have no fixed address.

Operating within the capital’s Crisis Centre near Liverpool Street, and in Victoria, London, the charity also runs a practice within the William Booth centre in Birmingham. All three of the centres are expecting to be very busy during the Christmas period when extra services are provided.

The FMO has also pledged to provide free space for the charity at Optrafair 2011, when it is hoped more opticians and DOs will volunteer their time to run a clinic once a month.

To find out more contact: 020 7017 2026

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