Lansdowne Club hosts VCHP Dinner

Volunteers, trustees, and supporters of Vision Care for Homeless People gathered in London last week for the launch of The Homeless Eye Health Alliance to improve access to eye health for those most in need. The charity stated its objective is to raise access to eyecare for at least 40% of homeless people by 2020 in England, increasing from the 9% believed to be receiving the charity’s services currently.

The dinner was held at London’s Lansdowne Club, and cemented the bond between the charity, Thomas Pocklington Trust, Pathway Healthcare and the Optical Confederation.

Welcoming everyone to the event was VCHP Patron Ben Miles who drew on his TV and drama experiences of realising the life of London’s destitute in Tudor times, through his role of Wolf Hall, was little different and still as dangerous for many people in 2017.

Generously supported by Dame Mary Perkins, the dinner brought together volunteers, trustees and supporters who together raised in excess of £4,000 during the evening.

Syed Kamall MEP for London, praised the work of the charity and urged a greater culture of social responsibility and volunteers taking a lead for setting up initiatives such as VCHP.
VCHP is a registered charity founded 14 years ago, emerging from a Crisis at Christmas service to now run clinics in London, Leeds, Birmingham, Exeter, Brighton and Manchester. Elaine Styles, Chair of the charity, explained –

“Sadly there is a growing problem with homelessness in the UK and we are in a strong position to do something about the visual needs of this vulnerable group of people. We are always looking for volunteers and supporters. I do hope that we will attract a new group of supporters during 2018.”

Pictured below are Elaine Styles and Ben Miles:

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