Manchester gives fantastic response to charity appeal

The north-west’s optical community is set to provide “an overwhelming level of support” to Vision Care for Homeless People’s appeal for volunteers to work at the new clinic within Cornerstone Day centre in Manchester.

More than 60 people attended with 44 optometrists and dispensing opticians expressing an interest to volunteer for the weekly Monday clinics – which commence on 12th May.

Harinder Paul, Charity founder, was delighted with the warm response from Manchester at last week’s open evening –

“This was the best attended event since the charity was founded 11 years ago. So many expressed an interest in volunteering at least once each month. The centre’s manager, Angela Shannon, spoke movingly about the problems of homelessness and the issues that were faced in the area. The potential to change lives at the centre is enormous and it is heartening to see the role that we, as the optical community, can make in ensuring that this happens,” he said.

To be funded for three years by Optometry Giving Sight, equipment for the new centre has been generously provided by Bondeye Optical, Carleton, Specsavers, Thomson Software and Topcon – companies which, together, have ensured that the new centre is equipped with advanced diagnostics.

Pictured here are Sandra Mallia, Marketing Communications Manger of Optometry Giving Sight, Elaine Styles, Chair of VCHP and Richard Harvey from Bondeye Optical Limited.

To find out about volunteering at the Manchester, London, Birmingham and Brighton centres visit

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