Optometry Giving Sight announces partnership with VCHP

Optometry Giving Sight and Vision Care for Homeless People have entered into a formal partnership to help ensure that homeless and vulnerable people across the UK receive access to the eye care they need. To achieve this Optometry Giving Sight will be making a contribution of up to 10% from every donation received in the UK.

The 3-year agreement reinforces previous funding support that Optometry Giving Sight has provided for VCHP’s London clinic in Whitechapel, and their new clinic in Manchester.

“10% of the world’s avoidable blindness and impaired vision occurs in the developed world,” said Nicholas Rumney, National Committee Chair. “That’s why we will be committing up to 10% of the funds that we raise to support the great work that Vision Care for Homeless People do in providing eye care to homeless and vulnerable people in the UK”.

To mark this important partnership, Elaine Styles, Chair and Co-Founder of Vision Care for Homeless People, will be taking to the roads and joining Optoms Cycling for Sight ‘Tour of Yorkshire’ in August to help raise funds.

“We are very pleased to be partnering with Optometry Giving Sight in this way,” Elaine said “We are very thankful for their support over recent years, and this partnership puts Vision Care for Homeless People in a great position to do more for the future. We’re thankful to all Optometry Giving Sight donors, who I hope will feel very proud that they are helping fund projects both at home and overseas.”

Ms Styles noted that both charities celebrated their 10 year anniversaries in 2013 and said they look forward to growing together and achieving their missions of providing access to eye care to those in need.

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