Our Volunteers

We have a broad range of roles for volunteers including professionals like optometrists, dispensing opticians and clinic assistants, but we also have roles in our local branch teams for volunteers to fulfil functions such as clinic outreach workers, student ambassadors, campaigning and event organisers and local fundraisers. Meet some of our many volunteers:

Jill Lambert – Chair of Birmingham sub-committee – Jill is a former librarian, who has held senior positions in several universities, most recently at Aston University in Birmingham. She also serves on the Board of Trustees for the Birmingham Citizens Advice Bureau.

Rekha Gore – Clinic Manager – Birmingham -An optometrist who specialises in refractive laser surgery and intra-ocular lens implants. She currently works with private and NHS patients while supervising newly qualified and Pre registration optometrists. She first volunteered for Vision Care for Homeless People in 2009 and became the Birmingham clinic manager in 2011.

Penny Delaney – Deputy Clinic Manager – BirminghamPenny, who recently retired from her post as a Programmes Administrator at Aston University, helps at the SIFA Fireside on most Monday mornings. Penny works closely with Rekha Gore, the Clinic Manager, helping to streamline the administrative procedures, and liaising with the many volunteers who help every Monday.

Student Ambassadors: Vision Care for Homeless People believes enthusiasm for helping the less fortunate is a message that the new generation of optometrists takes very seriously. Ambassadors are appointed from all the professional schools.

This year we would like to welcome four new student ambassadors from Aston University. They will be volunteering at the clinic to find out how important the service is for vulnerable people in Birmingham. They will talking to their fellow students and encouraging them to also volunteer and organising fundraising events to raise money for the running of the clinic. The students are Mariam Majid, Shefana Hanif, Fiona Lim and Hannah Omar, and they are all in their second year of the optometry degree.