Performance Finance team to walk across a bed of burning coals

On Monday 14th September the Performance Finance team will walk across burning coals at 1236 degrees Fahrenheit! To put this into perspective paper combusts at 451 degrees, aluminium melts at 1100 degrees!

They aim to raise £1,000 for Vision Care for Homeless People and would like to encourage their clients, introducers and lenders to please support this act of madness by donating to this worthy cause. To sponsor them click here
Costs to stage the event will be paid by Performance Finance to ensure that every penny of your donation goes to VCHP.

Imagine if everything you saw was out of focus, how would your life be affected? Now imagine if you were homeless and couldn’t see… Click here to watch a short video to find out about the work Vision Care for Homeless People carries out and its impact on many vulnerable lives.

Stuart Burn, managing director of Performance Finance said:
“I really hope you are able to make a small donation for this very worthy cause and would personally like to thank anyone who does as this will really help some of the most vulnerable people in our society today.”

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