Skylight Annual Health Day

On the 19th June 2010 Skylight held their annual Health Day raising awareness about wellbeing and healthcare among the Crisis members and the homeless community.

Services ranged from topical issues on substance misuse to a relaxing massage and Vision Care for Homeless People (VCHP) was invited to open their doors and run a clinic for the day. Volunteers Mina Boromand (DO) and Shaneela Chana (OO), along with the help of general service volunteers at Crisis kept the service running at full capacity maximising the opportunity to help those in urgent need of new glasses or an eye health care check.

Volunteer Shaneela Chana said “We were delighted to be welcomed and participate in this event. Many patients, you find, have glasses lost, stolen or beyond repair relying on very old or “makeshift” glasses. We had more patients attending than we could actually accommodate highlighting the actual need and importance of this service for those homeless or exposed to vulnerable conditions”

Fortunately, VCHP has regular clinics running literally every Monday at SKYLIGHT (except Bank holidays) and Wednesdays at the Passage, Victoria. VCHP are always encouraging new volunteers to help and support their services both in London and Birmingham on a Monday. Please be in contact if you think you would be able to donate some of your time to help support the clinics by e-mailing:

Crisis Christmas is also held every year from the 23rd – 29th December, VCHP will be extending their service for the week and will be on board to recruit volunteers in the near future too so watch this space!

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