After 18 months without glasses, Crystal found about Vision Care for Homeless People’s services and went in to get a free eye examination and order some free glasses. Click here to find out more about Crystal’s experience. The smile says it all.

“I think what you guys have done is brilliant because it is “IN HOUSE” and it feels that you guys are part of the family and not outsiders.”

“I’m really happy with the service here and would never go any where else because I feel comfortable seeing someone at a homeless centre.”

“I feel I can trust you because I’ve become familiar with you. I would never go somewhere that I don’t know the people.”

“I think its amazing the level of commitment you are offering.”

“I would never go somewhere that I was not familiar with as I would feel too embarrassed because I feel that everybody would be looking at me and judging me even if they don’t know anything about me, I’d feel too embarrassed to let people know that I don’t have any address. Vision Care is brilliant because the opticians service is here at crisis and I feel I can trust them.”

“There is definitely a need for this service. Thank you Vision care for creating a service like this for homeless people!” Amanda Malek, Cold Weather Shelter, London

“I have volunteered since the summer of 2007 and have enjoyed using my skills to benefit those in need and being able to give spectacles free of charge. I now try to volunteer once every month.” – Nahida Haque, 26, Volunteer Dispenser

“I like to spend time in the local library reading and so my glasses mean a lot to me. Thank you.” – Mr. Brian Shepherd, Patient

“Being homeless means I can’t pay for glasses in high street store. Because of Vision care, I now I have no pain when reading because of my new glasses.” – Mr Ogurek, Patient

‘I must commend you on the sytem that you have in place with regards to the equipment, the way it is kept in the little room, how we can miraculously turn an empty room into a consulting room, the stationery,the dispensing bits etc. This was my second time volunteering and I did it in honour of my husband’s birthday.’ – Pratula Patani, Optometrist