UK homeless charity supported by Topcon

Vision Care for Homeless People, the UK charity which provides eye examinations and glasses for many of our cities’ dispossessed, has been “overwhelmed” by the support from Topcon.

Elaine Styles, Chair of the Charity, explained –
“Topcon has been amazingly generous. When we were setting up London’s Hammersmith Broadway clinic we sent out a wish list. Topcon delivered all of this and more – they exceeded our expectations. The most amazing thing was a binocular indirect headset – which many practices don’t have.”

The Topcon fundus camera, donated to the East London Skylight clinic, proved its worth on the first day –
“A gentleman was found to have a retinal haemorrhage which turned out to be caused by high blood pressure, know as “the silent killer” because it rarely has any obvious symptoms. Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent a heart attack or a stroke, so thanks to Topcon this was picked up.”

In addition, Topcon provides on-going support with free servicing and calibration of the donated equipment.

Vision Care for Homeless People has centres in London, Birmingham and is soon to open another in Brighton. Volunteer optometrists and dispensing opticians are always needed to run the clinics – perhaps for just a few hours each month.

The charity is particularly busy during the festive period when it supports Crisis at Christmas with a full time eye clinic and dispensing service, supported by Essilor.

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