VCHP Nominated for AOP Charity of the Year 2013

For the third year in a row, Vision Care For Homeless People has again been nominated and short listed for an award. Last year we won and the added exposure helped us serve even more homeless people with the gift of sight. We would love your support and ask for just 1 minute of your time to vote for us CLICK HERE and Tick the 1st Option – Vision Care for Homeless People.

The Award is for the AOP Charity of the Year 2013 and is for the registered charity that has demonstrated initiative in order to promote the importance of optometry, and raised awareness and funds to enhance the provision of sustainable eye care. I think we have achieved all of this. We bring the benefits of optics to a wider audience as we are helping some of the poorest people in our own community. To date we have carried out free eye tests and issued brand new glasses to over 7000 homeless people.

Restoring somebody’s vision is one of the most rewarding experiences you could have, from supplying a myopic correction to a person who would effectively be considered blind without their correction to issuing a simple reading prescription so that somebody can read an application form. Getting people back on their feet and into accommodation and jobs is very important.

I would like to ask if you could vote and spread the word as it is a public vote and pls send this link to as many friends and family too.

To vote for us CLICK HERE
And Tick the 1st Option – Vision Care for Homeless People.

We are a UK charity which helps people here at home. Some practitioners may not have the opportunity or the money to give up two weeks to go abroad and work in foreign clinics but we encourage people to give a few hours to volunteer in one of our clinics.

Over a thousand hours a year of volunteering time is donated by optometrists and dispensing opticians to run our five current clinics. It is a very rewarding experience helping your fellow human beings when they are at one of the lowest points of their life. The smile on their face when they see clearly again is priceless.

Again please pass this on to as many friends and family, so that their vote helps more homeless people with the gift of sight.

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