Video promotes work of VCHP

A new video has been produced by Bellyflop TV for Vision Care for Homeless People to promote the work of the charity.

The minute and a half footage brings to life the work of the charity and the great benefit it provides to a sector of society which sometimes finds accessing eyecare a challenge. Vision Care for Homeless People is keen to highlight the fact that a third of homeless people have never had an eye test.

“Our Crisis at Christmas service and our regular clinics in Brighton, Birmingham, Manchester and London frequently reveal pathologies, and not just the need for reading specs and vision correction. We believe that something like 20% of homeless people have a medical eye condition that needs treating, and with the growing number of homeless people the need for our work is greater than ever,” said the charity’s Chair, Elaine Styles.

Practices are being urged to share the youtube video with patients and friends and to add the link to websites.

To find out more about the charity watch our new promotional video click here.

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